Projective Capacitive Seamless Blackboard

touch screen PCAP Projective Capacitive Seamless Blackboard

All-flat projective capacitive touch screen (PCAP) combines with a blackboard, making it as an all-in-one design with stylish outlook. It supports 10-touch point with deft and stable response. The surface of this PCAP blackboard can be written by traditional chalks and no-dust chalks.

It only takes 15 sec to boot up. It has a built-in Android 8.0 version (4G memory and 32G storage spaces), digital whiteboard software and screen mirroring function. Users can mirror their smart devices to the touch screen. Furthermore, it has built-in HDMI out, allow you to transfer the screen to another device.

Built-in electronic whiteboard, annotation function, and screen mirroring function that supports wireless screen mirroring.


All of our products support 4K2K resolution and can be used HDMI, DP or built-in android to support 4K video. Besides, we also offer HDMI output that makes each of the output images to be 4K resolution.

Rich Source newly launched 40-point touch all-flat projective capacitive touch screen. It is suitable for multi people use and has front side waterproofing function.

All-flat projective capacitive touch screen supports network wired input, wired output and wireless WIFI reception.

Projective Capacitive Seamless Blackboard Series

Streamlining teaching integration and enhancing interactive learning

Future smart blackboard, written by traditional chalk

Combines with 75” or 86” all-flat projective capacitive touch screen

With the help of 4K2K ultra-clear multi touch screen, it can help improve teaching efficiency, install all kinds of teaching CDs and make teaching more smooth. And enterprises can clearly demonstrate the product and show its advantage so as to enhance its company image and improve sales performance.

High specification with fast boot-up speed

►4K@60Hz refresh rate

►2x15W speaker

►Built-in android 8.0, allow you to use more apps

►Memory upgrade to 4G for more smooth use

►Storage space upgrade to 32G for installing more apps

►Desktop can set the meeting date and exam date

►Floating compass, easy gesture recognition, annotation function

►Cross-platform annotation function and screen shot function

►Swipe the screen to switch to another signal

►Built-in USB smart share function, no need to plug and unplug the USB

►Nine-way split screen mirroring, allow nine people to do screen mirroring at the same time

►Built-in whiteboard software, smart phone and tablet mirroring function

►Built-in broadcasting function, broadcast image to tablet and smart phone, interactive voting system

►Built-in INTEL standard OPS slot (supports OPS computers with up to 4K@60Hz refresh rate)

►Pass BSMI certification, passed energy label and in line with green procurement

►Made in Taiwan for more-than-10-years selling experiences

Smart PCAP blackboard is a display combining with 4K high resolution and projective capacitive touch screen. It integrates with a traditional blackboard and future smart board with adopting traditional chalk to interact with multi-media and fulfills the needs of multimedia teaching and makes teaching full of joy. It can combine with wireless screen mirroring, electronic whiteboard, and any other education-related function offered for educational institutes to choose from.

touch PCAP projrctive capacitive seamless blackboard series blackboard embedded board all-flat

Design and Specification are subject to change without prior notice.

touch PCAP projrctive capacitive seamless blackboard series blackboard embedded board all-flat

Design and Specification are subject to change without prior notice.

Support Systems: Windows, Android, Mac

Support Systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Chrome

After-sales service

The touch screen has a corresponding touch USB. For example, if your signal is connected to HDMI 1, your touch USB should also connect to HDMI 1’s USB slot. When switching signal source, the system will automatically switch the signals.